Sunday, May 08, 2005

Toothache sensitivity

To realize toothache sensitivity, one wants to be aware of the framework of the tooth first. The external cover of the tooth is called the enamel. This forms a tough covering over the core sensitive part of the tooth called the dentin. Enclosed within the central core of dentin lies the pulp chamber containing a minute nerve, artery and vein. From this central pulp chamber millions of miniature nerve ending travel through microscopic tubules throughout the dentin and finish at the dentin-enamel junction i.e. just underneath the bullet proof enamel. A cushion of fluid essentially borders these tiny tubule nerves.

Toothache sensitivity occurs when the tough enamel has vanished causing exposure to the dentin and the tiny nerve endings. Heat changes like cold and hot or ph changes like sweet and sour foods cause the fluid in the tubules to move. This fluid movement tugs on the tiny nerves causing toothache sensitivity and pain.

Anomalous tooth dehydration can also cause toothache sensitivity this occurs with the use of tooth whitening/bleaching agents. This is temporary as the toothache sensitivity scatter as rehydration occurs. Those suffer from dry mouth can therefore also suffer from toothache sensitivity.