Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Toothache and sinuses

Toothache and sinuses, well can toothache occur due to sinuses. We would try to find out in this article if toothache and sinuses are possible.

Under the cheeks and above the upper molar teeth, sinuses are present. Roots of upper molars and premolars could also extend to the sinus. When there is infection at sinus, a pressure is built up and this hurts the tooth roots. This paid is confused with the pain due to dental problem. If there is a tooth decay or a filling in the infected teeth then the pain is more severe and this confuses the dentists too.

Sea salt spray in the nostrils multiple times a day helps with sinuses. The best Home remedies for sinus is inhaling hot steam. You could fill sink with hot water. Wrap a towel around covering your head and take a close inhalation of the steam with your nose. Continue the process minimum times a day.